East Bay Healthy Chef
Specializing in Healthy Eating, Weight Management, Food Allergies 

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Hello! It's so nice to meet you!

My love of cooking started as a child, helping my late grandmother as her apprentice in the kithchen. I didn't think it would be something I would enjoy doing--I thought it was boring with all those preparations! But then, I got to see people enjoying the food I created, and relished the feeling. So in 2006, I joined the Culinary School. 

After school, I worked as a cook and a banquet chef. It's a tough job, especially in a male dominated industry. I learned to be patient, learned to effectively work with different personalities, different cultures and also how to balance work, play and family. 

Today, cooking is still what I enjoy doing, but in a different way. I have transitioned from being in a professional kitchen to a Personal Chef! I love working with people who are looking to adopt a healthier eating style. I tremendously enjoy customizing weekly menu for my clients that suit their individual and family needs, while staying away from boredom and giving them the spice of life--variety! 

Eat Well, Live Well. Feel good, live life and check things off your bucket list! Here, Victoria gets her Private Pilot's License!

Do you enjoy the escape of being outdoors, too?